Mortgage PreFlight For Realtors

Referrals Revolutionized

Mortgage PreFlight® is a free lead generation tool that automatically delivers potential buyers from every email, web-page, blog, social media and forum.

The PreFlight “widget” creates and captures live leads in real time. You gain a competitive advantage by providing buyers instant access to needed credit and FICO® score data not available elsewhere. PreFlight quickly becomes your best referral source.

Prospects are delivered to your PreFlight-enabled website or social media
pages where they obtain all three FICO® scores and Credit Radar™, a custom
ortgage checklist specifically designed to jump-start the mortgage process.
You and your favored mortgage professional receive instant notifications
containing the prospects information and access to the buyer’s credit and
score data* – All within seconds and all paid for by the applicant.

Mortgage PreFlight delivers three critical advantages;

Sell More Homes

PreFlight will help you sell more homes and ultimately, gain more listings by automatically promoting you and your listings 24/7. Automate
lead capture and gain buyers from virtually everywhere.  PreFlight marketing includes your custom Quick Response (QR) code, placing your
name, agency, email and phone number in front of thousands of buyers and referral sources.

PreFlight is open to all licensed real estate professionals and provides a unique branding and marketing advantage over competing, 
on-PreFlight enabled agents in your marketplace. In addition to your own marketing efforts, PreFlight helps you develop and maximize 
ew referrals sources including:

    CPAs, tax and financial planners

    Builders and new developments

    Attorneys (especially divorce and bankruptcy)

    For sale by owner (FSBO)

PreQualify - “Know before you show

PreFlight automatically prequalifies every potential buyer up-front before you invest time and energy in showing properties. PreFlight
works from virtually anywhere including most handheld devices such as Apple iPhone®/iPad®, Android™ and Windows® Mobile devices
(great for open houses.)

Protect yourself 

“2011 was the deadliest year on record for real estate professionals with 11 killed and over 940 reported attacks on Realtors. 
hese included assaults, rapes and
robberies that resulted in murders.”

      Most attacks occurred on Thursday or Friday

      Nearly 30% of attack victims were men

      Most attacks occurred outside major metro areas

      Guns were involved in roughly 50% of the attacks

PreFlight provides critical safety and security enhancements for real estate professionals. Instantly authenticate the identity of every
prospective buyer
before allowing access to your vehicle or arranging private meetings at unoccupied homes. In addition to enhanced
physical protection.

Getting started is Fast, Easy and Free Simply cut and paste your PreFlight code to your website and add your PreFlight buttoto your email, social media and blog. A custom QR code preflight-enables all printed materials including your business cards, for sale signand home flyers.

PreFlight is available by simply calling Axiom Lending at 800-681-1036 to get started today.  If you would rather streamline the setup process, you can click here to open the Affiliate PreFlight setup form to complete and return.